Do Your Ears Feel Blocked?

If your ears feel blocked, clogged up or sounds seem muffled then there are some simple steps to take to improve your situation.

Is It Ear Wax Blocking Your Ears?

Earwax is the most common cause of blocked ears or quieter hearing. This build-up happens when your ears do not push the ear wax out naturally, and then wax builds up, which causes a blockage.

You can get both ears cleaned and unblocked with our professional Ear Wax Removal service at our clinic near Banbury. Prices start from £50 for one ear.

checking ears for wax

Water or Liquid in your ears

If you have been swimming or have been around a lot of water you may just have some liquid within your ear canal causing the muffled blocked feeling.

You can normally get the water out by tilting your head and gently shaking your ear so it can drip out. If this doesn’t resolve it or doesn’t go away within a few days contact our audiologist Lisa for further advice.

Noise Damage Can Cause Sound To feel Muffled

Been to a loud show or had your headphones turned up too loud? This can cause temporary and sometimes permanent damage that can leave your ears feeling blocked or muffled.

If you are still having these symptoms after a day or two, book a hearing test with your local audiologist. If you are based near Banbury call us on 07942 641 986 to speak to our team

Feeling Under The Weather?

When you have a cold or illness affecting your nose, it may also affect your hearing. This is because the swelling around your nose can cause pressure around your ears resulting in hearing sounds more muffled than usual.

With the long term effects of covid still being analysed if you have recently contracted Covid-19 and have noticed changes in your hearing please contact us today to book a hearing test to assess the extent of any damage.

Over 55?

As we age our ears deteriorate, and hearing high pitched sounds becomes harder. Losing the ability to hear the higher-pitched sounds can make sounds seem more muffled and therefore your ears can feel blocked even when after having ear wax removal.

If you are over 55, it is recommended to have a hearing test every few years or when you or someone you know notices a change in your hearing to make sure you catch any hearing loss early.

It’s a good idea to listen to what other people are saying as it’s very hard to notice the gradual change in our own hearing but other people may notice the signs of hearing loss before you do.

Still Not Sure How To Resolve You Blocked Ears?

Book an appointment at our Banbury Hearing Clinic to speak with our team about your hearing health today.