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Hearing Tests

hearing tests in banbury

A hearing test is an accurate measurement of how a person’s sense of hearing is across the full range of speech. The test will measure sounds at different frequencies across the speech range and once completed, you will be given a full rundown on how your hearing is.

Hearing is an essential tool for everyone to have throughout life, as we rely on it so often to communicate with family, friends and meeting new people.

When you begin to start having hearing problems, it’s important you get this checked out instantly as you will not know the severity of the issue.

The longer you leave the issue then the worse your hearing will get – fact! This is why it’s vital to get checked by an audiologist so they can provide you with the best support and offer the right treatment for you, if you need it.

When your hearing begins to fade, your life slowly starts to change, and we want you to live your life to the fullest with the best hearing.

hearing test procedure

If you’ve decided that a hearing test is needed to further analyse the state of your hearing, then you have made the right and great decision.

It’s not something to be embarrassed about as many people unfortunately develop conditions in their ear – it’s only natural! But if you’re unsure how the whole procedure works then look no further, we have it all covered here.

The procedure begins with audiometry tests which are conducted in a quiet sound proof room, earphones will be supplied so you can place them on your head and it’s vital you sit still and not talk.

The earphones are connected to a machine that will deliver different types of sounds to your ears, and the audiologist in another room will ask for you to raise your hand if you heard the sound.

During the test, speech discrimination will be assessed too and you’ll be instructed to repeat words you hear.

You will hear two-syllable words at a sound that decreases as the test goes on, and the second part of the test will involve you hearing one-syllable words at a volume which does not decrease.

If you need a hearing test, what are the signs?

Debating whether or not you might be losing your hearing can be difficult at first and this could be due to a number of reasons.

For example, you might be in a noisy environment constantly so you could struggle to depict what noises you can hear and what you can not. There are a number of signs which can point to hearing loss, and we plan to discuss a few in-depth.

To begin with, a fairly easy example to spot hearing loss is you can actively see whether you’ve started turning the volume up on all your devices.

If this starts to be a constant habit, this will suggest you have a problem with your ears, and whether this is an earwax build-up or something else – it’s vital you get it looked at sooner rather than later.

A common symptom of hearing loss is struggling to understand someone speaking and an example of this is if you’re asking the other person to repeat what they said to you.

If this happens to be a common theme when you talk to people then this is a big sign of potential hearing loss and we strongly advise you to get in touch with an audiologist. 

Furthermore, another sign of hearing loss is consistently missing phone calls, doorbells and alarms.

These different types of sound operate at different pitches and tones, and if you constantly misjudge these noises, hearing loss will be the focal point of those issues. 

Your hearing assessment

If you’re suffering with ear problems or you might be starting to lose your hearing, then it’s essential you book a hearing test so we can learn and discover what the issue may be.

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