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Hearing Choices UK

Here to Help You Hear Clearly

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Our Services

Hearing Assessments

Hearing tests allow us to make a diagnosis and design a treatment plan for your hearing needs. We offer free, professional hearing tests either in our clinic in King's Sutton Memorial Hall or in the comfort of your own home. 

We customise a solution to your needs and follow up with continuing care and support.

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Earwax Removal

We use all methods of earwax removal and will choose the method that is most safe and suitable for our client's wax problem. This can either be via irrigation and instrumentation, micro suction, or a combination of both.

Our wax removal service is £40 per ear.

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Noise Protection

Your hearing is precious, and some hobbies and environments can be damaging to your ears. We offer a range of hearing protection, whether you are a musician, enjoy shooting, or frequent noisy environments. These solutions allow you to enjoy the sounds around you without creating damage to your hearing.

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Listen to Us

Look no further than Hearing Choices UK if you have hearing problems or if you need hearing protection. You can also rely on us to remove earwax safely and provide noise protection when necessary. For enquiries, please contact us anytime. We proudly help clients in and around Banbury, England hear better.

Our Premium Care Plan


Hearing Choices UK offers its customers a Premium Care Plan that involves all of the standard services and so much more. The Premium Plan is designed to give you total peace of mind. The Premium Care Plan is a service that delivers complete peace of mind and everything that you need to benefit from your hearing aids without interruption. It provides a menu of services that would be likely to cost up to £510 per year for customers who purchase hearing aids from other providers.

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