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The Link Between our Senses and Dementia

28 October 2020

Studies by Piers Dawes and Asri Maharan have shown that wearing hearing aids, or/and having surgery to improve eyesight can positively affect memory.

A study of more than 5000 people, showed cataract surgery was found to halve the rate of cognitive decline.

Wearing hearing aids had an even bigger impact, improving memory and thinking skills by more than 75 percent.

One Hearing Aid or Two?

28 October 2020

If you have a loss in both ears, it is generally recommended to wear a hearing aid in both ears.  This will improve the quality of sound, particularly in social settings, allow you to localise sound better, and ensure you are consistently activating the pathways in your brain.

If you have a loss in one ear, you would typically use a hearing aid in the affected ear.

In cases where the other ear has no hearing, there is a hearing system called a Cros system that can help by sending signals to the dead ear and may allow some users to hear on both sides.