How do you remove ear wax?

Micro Suction tool removing ear wax

Ear Wax

Ear wax develops in the cartilage area of our ear canals.  This is the first two-thirds of our canal.  When we talk or chew, the ear canal moves slightly, and the wax gradually migrates out of the ear with this movement.  We then wash it away and probably are unaware of this process. 

Earphones, earplugs, cotton buds and fingers can push wax deeper into the ear and onto the bony portion of the ear canal.  This area doesn’t move when we chew or talk, and the wax can get stuck in the ear.
The result is that your hearing may sound muffled and may cause other symptoms such as:

  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • A feeling of fullness in your head

If you think it is just a small build-up of ear wax, using olive oil for a few days may loosen up the ear wax and allow it to migrate out naturally.

If your hearing doesn’t improve, you feel dizzy or your hearing becomes more muffed it may be that you have a plug of ear wax, or such a large amount of excess wax build-up, this will need to be safely removed by an audiologist.

What is the best olive oil to use to clear ear wax?

You can purchase several different ear wax removal solutions. At Hearing Choices we recommend Earol, a medical-grade olive oil that you spray in your ears and it is specifically designed to ensure you soften the wax rather than exacerbating the blockage.

Is there a fast way to clear ear wax?

At Hearing Choices, we use methods such as micro suction, which is a small vacuum cleaner that sucks the wax out of your ears or irrigation, which involves using water to release the wax.  We will use the safest method for your specific problem. Both are gentle and painless and there is no downtime afterwards. 

Ear Wax Removal

Is the olive oil not clearing the ear wax?

Sometimes there may be other causes of ear blockage or muffled hearing.  In this case, book a consultation and we can establish the cause and give you the appropriate solution.  We can also test your hearing and determine if there is a hearing loss that may be causing you problems.